20 years and the children

The 20th anniversary of the inscription of the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion on the World Heritage List is dedicated to the environment and protecting the biodiversity. As transmission is at the heart of the recognition of this “living” good, raising awareness of these issues among the younger generations is essential.
To mark this anniversary, an educational program was set up throughout the year to raise awareness among 9 classes of the environment and the importance of biodiversity in the landscape.

The schools of the “20 years and the children” project

– Saint-Valery School (Saint-Emilion)
– Elie Janailhac School (Saint-Emilion)
– Neac School (Neac)
– Sainte-Terre School
– Saint-Philippe-d’Aiguilhe School
– Saint-Genès-de-Castillon School
– Lussac School

The school program workshops:

Workshop #1 – Vime cutting outing (by Biotope Festival)

Workshop #2 – Traditions and productions around the vime (by Biotope Festival)

Workshop #3 – Introduction to biodiversity (by Biotope Festival)

Workshop #4 – Discovery of the notion of Heritage and unlisted places (by the association Juridiction de Saint-Emilion, Patrimoine Mondial de l’Humanité)

Workshop #5 – Workshop on heritage and cultural landscapes protection (by the Juridiction de Saint-Emilion association, World Heritage Site)

Focus on the “vime cutting” outing

At the beginning of 2019, the 9 classes of the program went out to wine-growing properties (Château Coutet and Château Franc la Fleur) with Biotope Festival to discover the biodiversity surrounding them and recover vime cuttings.

The vime, traditionally used to tie the vine and make objects such as grape harvest baskets, was cut and then put in bottles so that each pupil could take care and grow his cuttings. A wooden box was also reused so that children could take care of the cuttings in class and follow their evolution.

A fun, educational and exciting outing!

The (holiday) workbook of the little explorers of the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion

Illustrations: Olivier Sampson
To close the year as it should, each child in the educational program received his or her holiday workbook ” the little explorers of the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion” to continue learning and having fun throughout the summer!

Inside, they will find games around the themes discussed during the workshops (UNESCO, biodiversity, vime, etc.) as well as other exercises to become unbeatable on the environment and heritage!

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