Discover the movie about the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion

From our past,

we create our future

There are places that leave unforgettable memories. Saint-Emilion and its Jurisdiction are one of them. For more than a millennium, men have shaped the landscapes and have been able to transmit the skills that made the international reputation of the wine that bears the city’s name.

When, on 5 December 1999, the Jurisdiction joined the prestigious UNESCO list, it was these cultural landscapes that were consecrated as a living witness of this preserved history. At the heart of this inscription are three pillars: the enhancement, the protection and the transmission of the unlisted property. This short film is a true hymn to the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion, an ode to its cultural landscapes.

Without further delay, discover these two minutes of emotion and happiness at the heart of the Juridiction of Saint-Emilion:

“From our past, we create our future” :