Population: 1,456
Surface area: 1,817 ha
Must see: Menhir of Pierrefitte
Bordered by the Dordogne over nearly 7 miles, Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens is a municipality located in the southwest of the Jurisdiction. Occupied by vineyards from Saint-Emilion and Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellations, it also hosts one of the oldest proof of the human occupation in the Jurisdiction: the Menhir of Pierrefitte, which dates back to approximately 3000 years BC. Classified as a historical monument in 1889, the largest of Aquitaine stone giants, it has been a gathering place for thousands of years. Every year on the summer solstice, its inhabitants gather around it for a great symbolic celebration.
Did you know?

In addition to being included in the World Heritage List of the Jurisdiction, the Dordogne is doubly listed since it is recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.